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  1st time skunk #1 grow (Avg Rating: 5.4 in 14 votes)   Ireland
Description1st grow in a (unfinished)growdrobe, osc fan but no proper in/out vents(!)
# Plants5
Strainsskunk #1
Lights400w HPS & 125w blue enviro
Mediumsoil- JI#1
Yieldyet unknown
First Marijuana Picture

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the drobe 12/05/06
group shot the one on the right is about a week older than the other two which are 3 1/2 weeks old.. and the seedlings were planted yesterday 12/05/06
the young(er) ones 12/05/06
the oldest i put the plants under the 400w hps for a couple o days because my 26w cfls broke and after 3 days they were turning yellow! this one was the worst (i thought it was fungal) and cut off a branch and trimmed a few fan leaves... 12/05/06
droopy sorta forgot to water them for a few days.... 12/12/06
all better gave em a good watering and were good as new the next day. Hurray! 12/12/06
the bushy one 12/12/06
diff angle 12/12/06
artsy shot 12/22/06
lookin down 12/22/06

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