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DescriptionSmall 3x3 area. Blueberry x Hawaiian Sativa strain. Used 5 flourescent spiral bulbs. Hydrofarm. Weekly nutrient changes. Very pleased with results. had a 5000 sq. foot ionizer two rooms away and pretty well kept the smell controllable. one end of the closet contained 2 jugs of blueberry wine fermenting, with the exhaust co2 directed to the plant, as well as an occasional pump improvised with vinegar and baking soda. always hear all of this talk about mh and hps lighting systems. I am very content with flourescents, at least in this type of compact scenario. vegged 5 weks, flowered 8. tastes like some type of tropical fruit, unfamiliar but fruity. all photos taken on day 85 harvested on 91.
# Plants1
StrainsBlueberry x Hawaiian sativa
Lights5 26w ge flourescents
Yield40+ g overall
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little bud well lit photo of a smaller bud 11/25/06
dawn - dusk notice the way the trichomes respond to the flash... 11/25/06
dusk - dawn notice the way the trichomes resond to the flash... 11/25/06
frosty a tasty bud. 11/25/06
overall setup this is where she lived. you can see most of my setup here. 11/25/06
forefront a view of the main cola with a peripheral bud up close. 11/25/06
shadow another bud close up. 11/25/06
crown her majesty at her finest. 11/25/06
bush another overview, different lighting. 11/25/06

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