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  Indoor Pot o Gold Indica (Avg Rating: 8.4 in 21 votes)   Northern California, USA
Description72 plant sites in aeroponics horticulture system. This time we hope to eliminate bug problems all together, keeping an eye on it this time. Nutes are going to be Fox Farm Grow Big 3-2-6, Fox Farm Big Bloom, Open Sesame, Worm Castings liquid for Hydro, Fox Farm Open Sesame, Cha Ching, Dr. Hornsbys Big Bud, Colossal Bud Blast (Foliar Spray).
# Plants72
StrainsPot Of Gold
Lights3x1000 Watt Metal Hallide
YieldWill post later
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Aeroponics 72 Site Systems I decided to go all the way with this setup. I am legal 215 holder so why hide the smell? :)) 11/22/06
A better View 24 site system With aeroponics there should be a little help with bugs. I did alot of research into size and potentail yields. These babies put me back a few grand. But the ease of use, just add nutes, measure ph and your ready to rock and roll. 11/22/06
The Babies - 72 Clones Indica Roots are healthy. They smell to high heaven though! :) 11/22/06
The forest. At last finished wit All nestled in their new homes, 1 1/2 months to grow. 1 Week old babies. :) 11/25/06
2 Weeks along lots of growth. Had some pH problems. But better now. 12/07/06
The Forest from below. Nice little canopies, topped em. 12/07/06
Roots after 16 days, massive growth, needed to trim these babies down, they were starting to clog the drain holes on the units. DOH! 12/10/06
4 Weeks in lots of nodes Lots of growth from veg fert. so far the are about 18" at tallest. We replaced bad plants with good, and this is after trimming. Had four full bowls of trim. :) 12/21/06
Started to Flower One month along started flowering with Open Sesame. 1000 watt HPS Bulbs 12/26/06
Second Table Flowering second table. 12/26/06

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