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  Medical Grow (Avg Rating: 6.0 in 3 votes)   NL, Canada
DescriptionI built a Box with 2 cubicles 18"x30"x30", I started out with 4 20w Daylight and Grow Light tubes in each cubicle. I later added 6 spiral fluorescent daylight bulbs per cubicle (each bulb is rated at 800 flouros). I use two 4" computer fans for air exchang and the Flouro Bulbs keep the temp at a steady 78F and the humidity stays around 42-45%. My earlier grows were all Northern Lights but for this garden I did a mix I ordered some seeds from Health Canada to give them a try, I also had some BCBud of unknown strain that was given to me after the owner of them passed away from Lupus, the last seeds came from a friend who said they were a Thai strain. The Health Canada plants are growing very bushy and need little pruning, and the same for the BC plants but the Thai plants are almost uncontrollable all pruning attempts are thwarted overnite so after this posting they will be tied down to see if this will generate more lower growth and better spacing. The lighting at this point has been cut down to 12/12 for sexing. I did a test smoke on the Thai (couldn't help myself)and the results were surprising for just leaves despite the harsh smoke from not curing the stone was very smooth and relaxing a plus for my needs. So I'm looking forward to the buds. The only real problem I encounter with my system is maintaining mother plants. I have to move them out of the grow box because of size and it seems that the shock in temp is harsh on them along with the drop in humidity. So in the future I plan on having a seperate unit for them.
# Plants10
StrainsThai, Healh Canada and BC Bud
LightsFlourescent Bulbs and Tubes
MediumSchultz Potting Soil Plus
Yieldnot yet harvested
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Cubicle #1 11/13/06
Cubicle 2 11/13/06

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