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DescriptionThe First few pics are the results of my first ever grow. After that are a couple of pictures of an experiment I did with growing with flos for veg and flower. Starting with the November pics, that is a single plant showing the progress from sprout to harvest.
# Plants1
StrainsMalawi Gold
Lights120W Flos Veg, 400W HPS flower
MediumHydro - Home Made Drip System
First Marijuana Picture

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Plant #1 34 grams 09/21/06
Plant 2 53 Grams 09/21/06
Plant 3 96 Grams 09/21/06
This Years Crop 183 grams 09/21/06
Bud Close up 09/21/06
My next project Clone of my best producer, being grown in a home made hydro system. 09/22/06
Bud Close up of one of the buds at 4 weeks. 09/22/06
New Sprout 2 days old 11/25/06
Baby Plant 10 days old 11/25/06
In the Veg Box 5 weeks old 11/25/06

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