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  TheApprentice: Garden # 3 ( i have 4 others,all clones) (Avg Rating: 2.1 in 58 votes)   Glasgow,Scotland.
Description I thought i would add pictures of one of my other gardens just to prove i aint talking shit,when i say i have 5 gardens what i mean is im growing 4 plants at a time in 5 different locations,im strictly small time(for the time being),iv already recouped my money i spent on all the lights,etc just by selling clones from a mother plant.Anyway this is a garden enclosed in a white reflective painted closet with mylar,i DO use mylar also on the roof of the closet,apart from that im using 600w hps lamps,2power fans and a temerature gauge,i tend to keep it between 80-87. If it goes over 100 then i (freak out,lol)simply open the closet which is next to a window plus the cupboard has plenty of ventilation holes for air o get in. I use bud bloom and bio grow to feed my plants aswell as spraying Co2 in the closet to feed the plants during or coming up to flowering.In this garden there are two plants that are well into flowering and i have two clones that are still vegetating but coming along nicely. As for the old motherplant(that im now flowering),i had to tie it down as it was reaching the lights! Im thinking of getting into DEEP WATER CULTURE GROWING cos my mate has been VERY succesful with it. "By the way some people had trouble accessing this garden cos when you clicked the 'show me picture' button it wasnt doing it,just look at the address bar and make sure that the link is cos if it dont have the'/10/10' after the 2497 then what you need to do is click page2 at the bottom of my garden description. Dont ask me how this happened but at least now i know why i was gtting all the bad rep points,lol.pEACE
# Plants4
Strainsscottish super thistle (purple strain)
Lights600W SHPS w airhood(G/Wing PRO)
Yield6 onces
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garden3 four plants 09/10/06
motherplant This is my great green hope,its got loads of buds all over it and its only been flowering for a few weeks,iv also managed to clone it many times 09/10/06
garden set up basic view of my garden with fans,thermometer,etc 09/10/06
clone1 clone taken from motherplant,its coming along nicely 09/10/06
clone2 2nd clone i took from motherplant.sweet! 09/10/06
4plants more pix of the garden 09/10/06
sea of green everyone should be doing this! 09/10/06
topview 09/10/06
unsure of strain id love t if any of ou guys or gals out there could inform me of this strain? 09/10/06
reaching for the roof this plant got so big i had to tie the top cola downto the side to avoide getting burn,its turned out a blessing cos now the lower buds are growing bigger and faster 09/10/06

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