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  Stealth Box Grow (Avg Rating: 5.1 in 17 votes)   Toronto
DescriptionIm growing in a large rubbermaid container lined with tinfoil, it is a passive intake grow with flourescant lighting, at 3 weeks im am switching to a 1000W HPS lamp in a larger grow box. I am a survival of the fittest grower, i started with 20 seeds, used the 10 best germinated seeds, the 5 best seedlings and now 1 week into veg i am choosing the 3 best plants to be my crop. i run my lights 24/7 and water every other day.
# Plants3
Strainsbag seed
Lightsfloros, 1 1000W HPS
MediumPotting Soil
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10 Sprouts taken a few days after the germed. seeds broke the soil, this is a pic of my ten seedlings 03/21/04
Transplant This is a pic of my box to help u get an idea of my area 03/21/04
Transplant 2 1 big pot with 3 plants, 2 small pots with 1 plant each, small pots are on either side of the big pot 03/21/04
Mar 20 - 12 days after transplan i left my plants in the care of a friend was i was in BC this is wat i returned to 03/21/04
Mar 21 - 13 days after transplan taken march 21 03/21/04

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