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  Progrowers latest project (Avg Rating: 6.0 in 20 votes)   Canada
DescriptionThese pictures are 19 days into veg - lots of light in full gear
# Plants6
Lights2X1000w hps
MediumRockwool (clones) then lava rock
Yield3 pounds +++++
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Outside of my growroom THis is the outside of my grow room,one active res for the buckets inside and one fresh water res ( this is a must with the ph in the water out of the tap where I grow). A tri meter (ph,ec and temp helps me keep a close eye on things - up to the minute some times - but this is a guerilla crop that must be handled with care 03/22/04
Closer look at the Res's Once again one active res with the system and one fresh water res, both oxyied by a dual bubbler - active res has a slab rock bubbler, while I like to have the fresh water res just have the pure air out the end of the 1/4 inch tube from the second outlet on the bubblem 03/22/04
19 days into veg I am having great luck through pruning ( first time after 7 days and second time after 16 days - the real light green growth on the top of the plant has come in the past 1 1/2 days - Note: this plant has been monitored closely and has been force fed to the degree most growers do not have the time or effort for - REMEMBER 19 DAYS 03/22/04
Overall view This is a birds eye view of my 9X11 growroom. 6 plants bucket in bucket with spaghettie line feed in small 12 gal res. ( this would include the excess water in buckets - which is not that much) - 2 1000w HPS hung vertically - only way to go - make your room the shade ( flat white - thhis is of course with the lights off 03/22/04
HPS just coming on One of my plants with just the hue of the HPS in the background - makes for an interesting pic 03/22/04
Another healthy plant I can'nt believe how healthy this newwst project is going this is one strong plant 03/22/04
Birds eyeview Nice shot of whole setup with lights 03/22/04
Bucket brat I topped this plant again 3 days ago that is what all the light green growth is about, this system works great gravity feed buckets back into res vis bulkheads and 3/4 inch hose - fed by 1/8 in air hose which is really water from a pump in res outside room 03/22/04
More of my room Just another shot 03/22/04
The bushy one This is not the tallest but the fattest - 19 days into veg 03/22/04

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