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  llIndigoll pure water cloning (Avg Rating: 8.0 in 11 votes)  
DescriptionExperiments in cloning
# Plants0
StrainsIndigo, Skunk#2, NL#5, Afghani
LightsFluorescent and HPS
MediumPure water to soil
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Bottom cuttings 2 weeks after cutting these branches off the mother plant (Indigo) roots are starting to form. I change the water every three days. 03/09/04
Top cuttings 2 weeks after cutting these branches off the mother plant (Indigo) no roots have started to form. I change the water every three days. 03/09/04
First into soil (Hera) This was the lowest branch taken for cloning. It rooted the fastest, and I've now put it into Black Gold Seedling Mix and put it under 100W fluorescents. 03/09/04
Bottom cuttings 3 weeks after cutting these branches off the mother plant. 03/13/04
2 Weeks into Soil (Hera) After two weeks of 24-hour light this clone is showing new growth. This means the roots have taken to the soil and are beginning vegetative growth. 03/19/04
Second into soil (Iris) This branch took a week longer before growing its roots enough for a transplant into BG Seedling Mix. 03/19/04
1 Week into Soil (Iris) No change in top growth and stasis under 24-hour light shows that the roots are adapting to the soil. 03/19/04
Bottom cuttings 4 weeks after being cut off from the mother plant, these clones are still alive and starting to root in pure water. 03/19/04
Bottom cuttings 5 weeks in water. These roots on one are just about long enough for soil. I'll give it a couple more days. The other one isn't quite there, but the leaves are still green and healthy. 03/26/04
Hera and Iris Hera is now 3 weeks into soil and vegging nicely. Pink preflowers are abound, and I'm anxious to veg her under that 1000W HPS as soon as Indigo/June Bug/Skunk finish. Iris is now 2 weeks in soil and new growth is starting. They will be transplanted this week into larger containers. 03/27/04

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