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  My First Grow! Happy So Far! ;) (Avg Rating: 7.6 in 25 votes)   Canada - central area
DescriptionJust some shots of my closet I'm Growing in. The closet is approx. 3ft Wx 4ft Lx 7ft H. I have: 4- 4ft floro ballasts (2 plant/aquarium bulbs, 2 warm white bulbs, and 4 cool white bulbs) for the vegging stage. 1- 1000w hps light for flowering. 1- fan for cooling the hps unit 1- fan blowing on the plants 1- fan hooked up to some tubing to pull heat into the basement. holes punched into the wall into another closet for added Ventillation. Still having troubles keeping the closet from overheating during flowering. We're gonna start to flower soon though. Think I got the heat problem fixed. We've bought a glass shield that's going to seperate the plants from all the lights. This should have our problem fixed. We're growing a mother bag seed and her clone. We've started a White KC and a Toe sprout, but they have been moved to our vegging house while we flower these 2 plants here. I included a shot of each new child at the end. I'll update the flowering as it happens by week. Then A new garden will start for the KC and Toe (a month or so in for the next pics of them.) Enjoy, Any pointers from any real gurus is always welcomed. If you like what you see so far, let me know. I like to know when I'm doing good! lol Don't we all!
# Plants2
StrainsUnknown Mother and her Clone
Lights1x1000w hps, 8 floro bulbs.
Yield169 Grams Dried
First Marijuana Picture

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  Pictures (47 total)
Full Frontal a distance shot of the closet I have now. 03/07/04
Me Girly A shot of the clone beside a large tobbacco tub. 03/07/04
Our newly transplanted clone This pic was taken about an hour or 2 after we transplanted the clone. 03/27/04
1 week after This is a shot of the clone only a week after transplanting. 03/27/04
Another couple of days This is a shot of the same clone taken on Mar24/04 03/27/04
MOM!!! This is the mother after training. Mar25/04 03/27/04
Mom 2 This is a shot of the mother, The ruler used in the pics is about 30 inches in length. I can't wait to flower her!!! 03/27/04
Mom 3 A shot to show the height of the mother plant. Remember, the ruler is 30 inches long! 03/27/04
Mom 4 Just one more shot of Mom. I can't wait to start flowering this big beautiful bitch! lol 03/27/04
One more Another shot of both plants with all 11 light bulbs going. 8x40W-4ft floros and 3x26W CFL's. The one outlined in Red is the clone, the Blue is the mother. :) 03/27/04

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