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  llIndigoll Northern Lights 5 - Seed to Harvest (Avg Rating: 7.1 in 26 votes)   Oregon
DescriptionThis is to show the lifespan of three plants, all Northern Lights, from an organic seed garden.
# Plants3
StrainsNorthern Lights
Lights100W Fluor (VEG) 1000W HPS (FLW)
MediumOrganic soil
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Macro at Day 43 Just about finished at this point. I'm just waiting for the top flowers to finish. I have harvested a few of the lower branches. I will sample the smell/taste/effect of buds harvested at this point of flowering and compare it to what I harvest at 7 weeks. 06/29/04
Harvesting at Day 49 These are a couple of the lower branches from the only of the three Northern Lights #5 seeds that was a female. Bag for leaf, bag for Grade A trim (June Bag), tray for manicured buds. The maincured buds will dry in a dark closet until they are not so dank. Then they will go into paper bags for the slow dry. 06/29/04
Harvested bud First run of manicuring has this colorful bud looking this way. It isn't dry enough for smoking, and I'll be giving this one a slow cure. 06/29/04
Harvested Lower Buds These are dank and ready for the slow dry and cure 06/29/04
Bud Macro 07/02/04
Bud Macro 07/02/04

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