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  llIndigoll Northern Lights 5 - Seed to Harvest (Avg Rating: 7.1 in 26 votes)   Oregon
DescriptionThis is to show the lifespan of three plants, all Northern Lights, from an organic seed garden.
# Plants3
StrainsNorthern Lights
Lights100W Fluor (VEG) 1000W HPS (FLW)
MediumOrganic soil
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Larenta 11 weeks old 05/08/04
Flowering Day 8 05/18/04
NL Top Flowering Day 8 05/18/04
Abnormal leaves Day 10: I just fed her last night as the lights were going off with a typical soil drench and nutrient feeding. This morning when lights came on all other plants looked healthy with leaves pointing upward with new flower growth. The NL #5 looked suddenly sickened with curled-under leaves, and up to this point it was growing normally. I believe I may have a root-bound plant in need of more space for upper growth, and the last dose of nutrients was too much. Perhaps it is time for a transplant. I didn't want to do this as flowering was starting, but hopefully it will not take too much energy away from flower production. I am thinking a 3 or 5-gallon container is in order. 05/20/04
Abnormal leaves This is a great example of how leaves communicate what the plant needs. 05/20/04
Abnormal leaves These leaves are curling under, and the tips are bent downward. Since this happened right after a feeding it is obvious that I was pushing too much Nitrogen. 05/20/04
Transplant I underestimated the size this NL would get to. It definately out-grew it's container. As I was transplanting I noticed the root mass was completely filling the 2-gallon pot. She now has an additional 5 inches of root space downward, and I am hoping this is enough to enable healthy flower production. *Crosses fingers* 05/20/04
Flowering Day 15 06/29/04
Macro at Day 34 Nice trichome production 06/29/04
Macro at Day 34 Time to flush the soil. 06/29/04

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