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  llIndigoll Northern Lights 5 - Seed to Harvest (Avg Rating: 7.1 in 26 votes)   Oregon
DescriptionThis is to show the lifespan of three plants, all Northern Lights, from an organic seed garden.
# Plants3
StrainsNorthern Lights
Lights100W Fluor (VEG) 1000W HPS (FLW)
MediumOrganic soil
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Transplant step 1 The 1-pint container is thin plastic, and this allows me to squeeze the sides and bottom while lightly watering to loosen the roots. I don't want any damage to come to these fragile root structures. They will be transplanted into a nutrient-rich mix (Black Gold). I add stones throughout the mix to keep the soil structure intact and to make the environment a little more like nature. It also helps keep the soil level up during waterings. My method for transplanting involves flipping over and squeezing the container in one hand, while holding the base of the stem between the middle and ring fingers in the other hand. I also make sure to keep my hand flush against the top soil to keep too much of it from falling out, and I find this to help keep the root structure intact as well. As you can see in this picture the young plant is perfectly intact and placed in the middle of the pot. 03/22/04
Transplant step 2 This step is crucial as you don't want your soil medium too compact, and you don't want it too loose. I generally cover the old soil mass with about 1/2-1 inch of new soil. 03/22/04
Transplant step 3 After adding a few rocks on the topsoil I lightly water to help the young plant settle in to the new environment. Then it's back under the lights. The next week or so will be an adjustment time for these plants, so I'm expecting to see slightly stunted upper growth for a bit. It is important during this time not to over-water, as the soil is thoroughly prepared and moistened. I will wait until the soil completely dries out before I water again, and this is because I want the roots to start exploring the new terrain. 03/22/04
NL 'A' This is the fastest growing of the 3 Northern Lights, named 'A'. Alternating nodes have just started, and it's looking a bit man-ish. Time for 12/12 to determine sex. 04/08/04
NL 'B' and 'C' Just waiting their turn with the HPS, these two are slowly growing under fluorescents. 5 Weeks old here. 04/08/04
NL 'B' 12/12 to determine sex. After three days I can clearly see male sexual organs. 04/13/04
NL 'C' Pistils 04/17/04
Larenta at 7 weeks The NL #5 'C' is the only female of the three I germinated. She is now named Larenta. Names are not necessary for plants, but I assign a Goddess alias to every female I cultivate. 04/17/04
Larenta 8 weeks old Under a 1KW HPS for a few weeks to veg. Larenta is the NL in the middle. The two clones on either side are 1 week younger than Larenta in terms of vegging time. 05/01/04
Larenta 10 weeks old She loves the light! 05/01/04

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