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3 weeks old added 03/19/04

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And then there was light The fluorescent lighting I use is very cool, so these seedlings do well being within 1" of the bulbs. I check daily for vertical growth to keep the seedlings from harming themselves. Still no water at this point, and I will not water them until I see roots popping out the bottom in most cases. On rare occasions I need to add a few squirts from the water bottle, but only enough to keep them from wilting. The thing I want them to focus on at this point is root development. 03/05/04
Timber! Sometimes the seedling falls over. This happens when it develops a heavier top than the stem can support, or when it is over-exposed to wind. 03/05/04
Twist-tie support I use twist-ties for these early-achievers because they are so maleable. I stick 1/2" into the soil next to the base of the stem, but far enough away from the delicate roots starting to explore under the soil. I form a loop around the stem to help keep it upright. 03/05/04
1 week old 03/13/04
2 weeks old These two are growing faster than the other two. Their seeds were darker, maybe that's why. Genetics... 03/13/04
2 weeks old These two are smaller, and their seeds were lighter in color...sort of a pale-green. The closest one fell over and dried up--genetics. 03/13/04
3 weeks old 03/19/04
3 weeks old 03/19/04
3 weeks old 03/19/04
Transplant Prep The 3 NL seedlings are starting to show a bit of yellowing in their cotyledons, and their soils are drying out every other day. There are also root tips showing at the bottom of their 1-pint containers. This tells me that they are ready for transplanting. 2 days before I make the transfer, I prep the new soil and pot. I use a spray bottle and water jug to drench the soil thoroughly. I keep my soil at room temperature while it is in the bag, but I still let it set and breathe in my garden for a couple days before the seedlings go in. 03/22/04

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