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Cover up the seedling added 03/05/04
I cover the seedling with a thin layer of soil, just enough so I can't see it anymore.
I cover the seedling with a thin layer of soil, just enough so I can't see it anymore.

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Seeds Here is what I use for germination: Seeds, Kleenix tissue, water spray bottle. These seeds are Northern Lights from an organic seed garden in Oregon. 03/05/04
Into the jar I spray the Kleenix with water until it is wet, but not dripping wet. Then I put the 4 seeds in the middle of the Kleenix, then fold it up so the seeds are surrounded by wet material. I use a glass jar to seal the seeds in. Then I put the jar into the cabinet (any warm, dark place will suffice). I check the condition of the seeds once a day. 03/05/04
They popped! When the root tip emerges from the seed it is time to remove them from the wet Kleenix and place into the prepared soil containers. In this case it took 3 days. No need to remove the seed husk, in fact I'd suggest leaving it on until the plant discards it. 03/05/04
Soil prep This should be done the day you put the seeds into the jar. Sometimes I do not get it done until right before planting the seeds, but in this case I remembered to prep the soil in advance. The reason this is important is to avoid shocking the new seeding. I use: Black Gold Seedling mix, water spray bottle, 1-pint containers. 03/05/04
Wetting the soil I wet the soil before putting the 'popped' seed into place. This creates a moist environment from the top of the medium to the bottom. I use the spray bottle as I fill in the container to make sure it is wet all the way through. After the soil is prepared and has been at room temperature for 3-5 days I create a shallow hole with the end of a pen. This is where the seedling will be placed. 03/05/04
Placing the seed Careful. At this point, damaging the root, seed head, or cotyledons could easily kill your plant. I remove the seed from the Kleenix and place the root tip facing downward into the hole I created in the soil. 03/05/04
Cover up the seedling I cover the seedling with a thin layer of soil, just enough so I can't see it anymore. 03/05/04
Humidity enclosure I use plastic baggies to cover the 1-pint containers. This works well because they are the perfect size. I poke a few small holes in the bag to help prevent molding, rotting, etc. It also keeps the moist soil wet enough for the new seedling to keep developing. 03/05/04
Into the dark I use a cabinet for the next step. The new seedling needs no light, and they seem to sprout faster for me without any light. I check the seedling once a day until I see 1-2 inches popping up out of the soil. This method has had a 99% success rate for me. No watering while it has the bag on it. 03/05/04
After 3 days After 3 days the seedling has sprouted, and it is now time to remove the plastic bag. This seedling is ready for some fluorescent lighting. If a plant takes more than 5 days to pop up out from the soil I assume that nature chose another destiny for it, and I re-use the soil and recycle the seedling (compost). 03/05/04

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