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  new garden here (Avg Rating: 6.4 in 22 votes)   USA baby
DescriptionOut of commission for a while.
# Plants20
StrainsWhite Russian or AK47
Lights1000w HPS
Medium 6 in. Rockwool in 4x4ebb&flo
Yield1lb at least hopefully
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George My lil bastard pet 03/05/04
yellowleaf a yellowed leaf turning crispy at the ends going farther and farther accross the leaf. why i dont know. 06/21/04
messed up leaf rust spots and a pale green color. also tips burning a little even though i fert. lightly 06/21/04
realbad this one is burning and curling up not sure why all my plants are messed up like that i suspect ph fluctuation. 06/21/04
light setup this is the light hood and 265 dayton i vent it with 06/21/04
overview of plants here they are the 4 big girls. i think they will fill out nicely witha little LST 06/21/04
bad clones this clone developed roots however after 3 weeks the roots still had not broken through the rockwool 10/27/04
clones up close 01/05/05
setup the whole thing 01/05/05
Jan. 23 vegging, switching the lights today or tomorrow 01/23/05

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