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  Bushy Indica + organic!(blueberry soon) (Avg Rating: 4.8 in 18 votes)   Zimbawa, Africa
DescriptionPlant growth seems pretty constant and quick. Has many bud sites everywhere on it. Quite recently I discovered a great growing enhancer call air circulation. I always had fresh air coming into the grow chamber, but never actually ever blowing directly on the plant. Now I have a small fan blowing a nice breeze over the plant causing it to sway ever so nicely. This causes a good stress for the plant which in turn creates thicker stems, and trunks, which then in turns creates greater yields.
# Plants1
Lights65W 6500K Fluorex fluorescent
MediumOrganic Soil and perlite
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Sprouting Yeah! 03/01/04
Fox Farm "Grow Big" organic fert This shit is awesome! 03/01/04
65 watt Fluorex fluorescent ligh This particular fluorescent light is quite powerful for the price of $34us. It puts out a color temperature of 6500K, almost identical to a Metal Halide bulb's color spectrum of blue/6500K. 03/01/04
Temperature controls Basic heating controls. T87 t-stat, 24v transformer which is then hooked up to a relay which controls a heating element that maintains a temperature of about 78 03/01/04
After 2-weeks... switched from 50/50 organic soil/perlite, to 1/3 perlite/organic soil mixture, and 2/3 top half filled with just organic soil. The water was draining way to quickly, I was watering twice a day to maintain moisture with the 50/50 medium. 03/01/04
Close-up of a bushy plant. Such a wonderful specimen. 03/01/04
2 weeks, 3 days... Growth is really starting to take off as the roots become thicker. 03/01/04
The little bushy beauty... I'm guessing its indica. Very bushy and green, has a nice smell also. 03/03/04
Far away shot of grow room... Nice and simple. Temperature controller, and plant in the new pot. 03/03/04
Just the plant man... Being very vegetative. 03/03/04

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