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  Finally (Avg Rating: 4.1 in 36 votes)   south, USA
DescriptionThis is a result of long awaited patience. Since I was about 15 years old (yeah so I started young). I've tried to grow a smokable plant. But I was young and didn't fully understand what I was doing, let alone what I was doing wrong. About this time last year I had my first actual garden. It pretty much just concisted of one six foot tall plant (which I later found out was a male, boy was I depressed), and five 100 watt flood lights. But my goal was to just get the damn thing to mature. So this is my second garden and I'm confident now that I can reach my ultimate goal (smokable product). it't not very big cause I had to stun it's growth so it wouldn't get very big. But my goal is to just make it smokeable not to produce alot. Maybe if I can get it right this time I'll grow more than two. I lucked out and one is male and one is female. I'm thinking of crossing them. The seeds I use came from a $120 quater bag. After about two months praying for a fertile seed, I got two from this one.
# Plants2
Strainsnot sure, just know it's kb, $120 for just a 1/4
Lights500w halogen work light
Mediumpotting soil
Yielddon't care right now
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Pollen catchers I have these plates underneath the male flowers 01/25/04
Training I've tied down the male so I can catch the pollen without disturbing the female. 01/25/04
the male Sideshot of the male 01/25/04
female better pic of the top of the female 01/25/04
female The top of the female 01/25/04
female Sideshot of the female 01/25/04
my babies 01/25/04
my garden 01/25/04
500w haulogenworklight I had to borrow this thing from work, hee hee hee. and some old computer fans to keep it cool 01/25/04

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