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  Aeroponics and soil (Avg Rating: 8.6 in 49 votes)   On the mountain top
Description2x 1m suare tables for soil and 2x 1m square GH dutch pot system.Soil And Aeroponics
# Plants192
StrainsShort bushy indica B-52, Soma A+, Black Domina White Afghani
Lights4x6000 HPS
MediumBioBizz soil and rockwool
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My magic Box a 280 cm long by 207 wide and 207 cm high garden of eden. All hand made box... In the attic 01/20/04
Air intake A 160 mm in-line fan for intake with pollen filter. 01/20/04
Extractor Phat ass inline fan for exhaust!! 01/20/04
The door to heaven enter... 01/20/04
B-52 in soil and Soma and Black Soil in first plan then Hdro behind it (the soil veg a week more but the aero is MUCH FATTER 01/20/04
general view soil on the left and right and aero/hydro behind... 01/20/04
Soma in soil and soma in aero on the first plan is soil an behind is the aero... 01/20/04
Spider drip system with 350 watt 01/20/04
Aero rezzy I use Dutch formula advanced 1,2,3 works like a charm...Water heaters and oxygen pumps in each one of them... 01/20/04
Roots!!! Roots grow very fast in aero system... 01/20/04

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